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High Street Kensignton Hostel

Springs in the back, Showers with no Pressure and Still no Job..But we are still Alive!

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Gday Guys and Girls,

Well today is Monday and still no luck with jobs...at this stage we are going to settle for anything!!

Well we managed to find a place to stay on Saturday night. It is the High Street Kensignton Hostel in Kensignton, just around the corner from Earl's Court. The place is pretty dodgy but it has what we need - a roof, a bed, a shower and somewhere to make food! However, having said that, the beds are just like sleeping on a bed of nails with springs poking you everytime you move, the showers have little pressure and the kitchen has no plates or cutlery so we have had to buy plastic ones!

After checking in at about 11 on Saturday, Brett and I decided to do some sightseeing. We jumped on the tube and head for Westminster. As we walked out of the Tube station we found ourselves in the middle of Gay Pride Festival!!!! The place was full of half naked men dancing onto of buses, with men and women running around blowing wistles and throwing streamers etc. Anyway, we set about doing what we wanted and took in the sights.

First we checked out Big Ben...it lives up to its name...man its tall! From here we could see the London Eye, but decided not to ride due the cost and waiting time. We then decided to look at 10 Downing Street, but had to walk straight through the middle of the gay festival to get there! Once there we couldnt see much and moved onto the Horse Guards. They were surprising unorganised I recon and were not as strick in their movement as I thought they would have been. Anyhow, it was worth seeing.

Next we went to Trafalgar Square, but like the rest of the area, was littered with gays enjoying themselves...not sure how being in the arms of another man is enjoyable but meehhh!!

We continued walking around began taking photos of the Monopoly Streets...Regent St, Pall Mall, Piccadilly and a few others...we still have lots to get!

Somehow we ended up The Mall...this is that famous road that you see on TV when the Queen makes a trip out...or the one that Princess Diana's funeral procession went down. It leads up to Buckingham Palace and is quite a sight. Here, we saw the famous guards with the tall, fluffy hats (I dont know how else to describe them!)

By this stage we were stuffed (5 hours of walking often does that) and went back to the hostel. We are sharing a room with three other Aussie Blokes who are cool..there names are Liam, Chris and Andrew. We just sat around talking to them which was interesting enough.

The next morning, Sunday the 3rd, a whole group of the people from the hostel were heading out for the Camden Town markets and they asked us to come along, so we did. We caught the bus there and after 1 hr on a bus (bloody London Traffic) arrived amongst so many people ranging from people like us, toursits, gothics, drug users and dealers and a hell of a lot of police. Here it is legal for people to sell drugs such as Magic Mushrooms and almost every 2nd shop/stall has some for sale. We made our way down to the main market area and manged to pick oursleves up a good Chinese Meal and drink for £3...bloody good for London! There are so many shops and stalls you dont know where to look but Brett managed to find himself a ring. We spent about 4hrs in the area and eventually the group decided to head home. We jumped back on the bus and got back to the hostel at about 6. It was a good day out.

Last night we didnt do anthing...I went to bed at 10 but only got to sleep about an hour later because of the springs!!

At the moment Brett and I are sitting in an internet cafe in Earls Court. This morning Brett and I looked for jobs again but still no luck so this arvo we are just goona walk into places and hand them our CV's.

Anyway, better go.


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Our time at Wake-Up London Hostel

But were do we sleep now??

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Hey Guys,

Well it is Saturday morning and last night was our last night at the Wake-Up London Hostel. This week has been aggrevating, fun and boring all at the same time.

On Wednesday the 29th of June, Brett and I began looking for jobs in the Paddington area. We used the mid-week issue of TNT magazine to phone up places, but by 11am most of them had all ready been taken!! We managed to arrange an interview with one place up in Camden Town though for Thursday morning...more about that later.

In the evening, Brett and I went down to the hostel's bar, Hiccup, for a few drinks before heading back to the room at about 12.

We woke up at 7am to get ready for our interview at 10. We had now idea how long it was going to take us to get there so we thought that it was better to be early than late, and ended up arriving in the area at 8:45!! We just bummed around in Starbucks Cafe for like an hour before heading for the interview. The interview started OK, but when they said that they were kinda like looking for a management couple Brett and I knew that we werent going to get the job...which we found out we didnt later in the afternoon :( It might have been a good thing though, as after the interview we were told by one of the blokes that we were sharing a room with that the Camden area is a bit dodgy!

On Thursday night, Brett and I realised that we didnt have a job nor a place to stay for the weekend and began frantically calling all the hostels in London to find a place to sleep. However, due to the fact that there is a Live8 concert happening in Hyde Park tonight, no where has a spare bed.

On Friday morning we began calling around for jobs and accomodation again but with no luck:( By the afternoon we had found a place to stay but still no work The place that we found to stay sounds pretty rank but we really have no other option.

In the evening, Brett and I headed down to the Hiccup bar. We had a few drinks before moving onto a pub down the road, waiting for more people to go to Hiccup. We got back to Hiccup at about 10:30 and by this time the place was pretty busy. We meet some lovely South African and American girls. After chatting for a while they said that they were going to head for the West End to go clubbing and stuff and they invited us along. We hoped on the Tube to Piccadilly Circus and found ourselves amongst a mass of people.

It was such a wierd night. To enter clubs and stuff you have to find 'agents' on the street that will direct to places that are good and have no lines. Not only did they direct you to clubs but also asked what drugs you wanted to take while in the club...obviously we said we werent interested!!! We tried heading for the Soho Lounge but couldnt get in because one of the South African girls were underage. We kept looking around, but just ended up walking around the area taking in the atmosphere which was fantastic but scary at times. We saw people that we tripping out after taking too many drugs, homeless people trying to make money by singing into traffic cones and one bloke starting on a MASSIVE bouncer, only to be decked to the ground!

After an hour or so, we jumped on a bus back to Paddington and went back to the Hiccup bar at about 2. We had a few games of pool and watched the inhouse dance contest...I tried to get Brett to get out there, but he wasnt drunk enough to make a fool of himself! Anyway, we headed up to bed at about 4am!

It is 9am on Saturday morning, and neither Brett or myself feel that great after about 4 hours sleep. We are checking out of here and now need to find somewhere to sleep tonight after the place we arranged to sleep in yesterday screwed us over, booking out the place.

Hopefully we find somewhere, otherwise it looks like we will be sleeping in the park!!!!!

Speak Soon (hopefully),


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First Few Days in Paddington, London

Wake-Up London Hostel

sunny 23 °C

Hey Guys

Well it is Tuesday midday and am sitting in a small internet cafe in Paddington. We arrived here yesterday arvo at the Paddington Underground Tube station and had to walk for about 1km to our hostel -Wake-Up London. The place is absolutely massive with five levels. We are on the 4th so it kinda sucks having to walk up the stairs every time we want to go back to our room.

The room that we are staying in has 3 bunks, so six beds. Last night there were 3 other blokes in there aswell but they were cool so it was good. We had a few drinks with them in the room and then went downstairs to the bar. The guys names are Albert and Steve (the other guy only checked in at like 1am so didnt really meet him). It was a pretty good night, but Brett and I dont feel that great this morning!

This afternoon we need to start looking for jobs and maybe do some sightseeing but we will see.

Anyway, thats all for now.

Speak soon,


P.S - we still havent been able to download our photos but hopefully when we find somewhere to live we will be able to do that.

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London Arrival

overcast 19 °C

Sup Guys,

Well, yesterday we arrived in London safe and sound, but extremely jetlagged! We left Vancouver at 7 am on Friday the 24th headed for London via Toronto. After the 4 and a half hour flight to Toronto, we had a 3 hour lay over in the airport which we spent playing poker...thank goodness we bought a deck of cards while in Vancouver. We boarded our plane set for London at 5pm and settled in. The flight was so empty that Brett and I were able to sit in our own aisles

Although we had a few seats for ourselves, it didnt help us sleep at all, but finally we actually had some decent airplane meals! We were served chicken and rice for dinner with icecream for dessert and for breakfast were given a muffin, fruit, yoghurt and a muesli bar. Not bad if you ask me. Anyway we arrived in London 8 hours later at an early 6am on Saturday morning.

Because of the fact that I have a British Passport I made it through immigration in about 5 minutes, but had still had to wait for Brett who took about 20 to 30 minutes. Not too bad considering that Heathrow airport is one of the busiest airports in the world! We found our bags and headed for the underground tube. We hopped on the Piccadilly line and jumped off at Earl's Court.

At the moment we are staying with Dirk and Michelle. Michelle is the daughter of one of mum's friends, so it is great that we can stay here for our first two nights while we adjust to the time change. Since we arrived we have pretty much just been watching cable, eating and sleeping.

Tomorrow we are heading for Paddington where we will be staying in the Wake-Up London hostel for 4 nights...hopefully enough time to organise a more permanent residence!

Time to go,


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Day 6 in Vancouver - Day 18 of Trip

semi-overcast 22 °C

Gday Guys,

What a day we had today on this the 18th day of our trip. We woke up early to get our breakfast from provided by the hostel, one bloody muffin, before they were all gobbled up by the other guests.

After breakfast etc. we headed down to the library to check our emails...the library because internet access there is free

We made our way back to the hostel to grab our daypack and walked down to Waterfront Station to catch the Seabus across to North Vancouver. We transferred to the bus and headed up to Grouse Mountain. Grouse Mountian is located in the Capilano River region and sits 1500 metres above sea level (approximately). We paid our 18 dollars to get the Grouse Mountain Skyride up to the top and my god, what a view. We arrived at the Peak Chalet and continued to walk around the Grouse Mountain "Village".

Although the mountain was absent of snow, because it is summer in Vancouver, there were many things to see and do. Firstly we watched the 'Birds in Motion' show which showcases some of the local bird species. The main act was the Perigan Falcon, a bird that can reach speeeds of 200kmph (I think). After the 'Birds in Motion' show, we went and grabbed a beaver tail. Its kind of like a donut, only it is flat and shaped like a beaver tail. They were bloody beautiful, although not good for Brett or myself with our food allergies, but we had to try one

Next was the "World Famous" 'Lumberjack Show' which was excellent and very funny also. Cant really describe it, but when I get a chance to download my photos, you will get a better idea.

By now it was mid-afternoon and the fog at the peak of the Mountain had cleared so Brett and I decided to begin the treck up one of the ski runs. Once at the top, we had a view of all Vancouver and the surrounding mountains. It was unforgettable!

After making the slow decent back to the "village" we checked out the Grizzly Bears and the wolves. Not very interesting really but anyway.

Once back at our hostel, Brett and I packed for our flight to London in the morning before heading down Granville Street to check our the nightlife. It was cranking, but we couldn't go anywhere because the drinking age in Vancouver is 19

By about 11, Brett and I crashed out before having to wake up at 430!

Anyway, next time we speak we will be in London!


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