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Photos Are Coming

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry that I havent added photos for a while. I have been unable to get to a computer that will let me download them. When we arrive in London, hopefully there will be somewhere that I can do this.

For now, you will just have to use your imagination!


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Vancouver So Far

What have we been up to?

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Hello All,

Brett and I have safely arrived in Vancouver on Friday the 17th and have been here for 5 days now. We have been pretty busy here in this beautiful city tarnished only by the slightly poor weather. Here is what we have been doing!!

On Saturday the 18th, Sandra, Auntie Tasha's mum, drove Brett and I around Vancouver, passing through Downtown and ending up in Stanley Park. Stanley Park lies smack bang between downtown Vancouver and the West Side (where Grouse Mountain etc lies.) In Stanley Park, Brett and I had an amazing view of the Harbour, particularly from the Prospect Point Lookout. Here also, Sandra shouted us lunch which was very nice of her. After lunch Sandra dropped us off at the Richmond Centre Shopping Mall where Brett and I had a look around before walking home. The rest of the day/night was spent at Sandra's house making plans for the next day.

On Sunday the 19th, Brett and I caught a bus down to Granville Island. This place was full of people, due to the fact that it was Father's Day here in Canada and also the weather was beautiful. There were street performers and bands scattered around the place which added an awesome atmosphere to the place. We then hopped on the Aquabus and took the short ferry ride across to Science World, a large ball shaped building. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived as we found ourselves amongst a Dragon Boat festival. The place was packed with competitors, spectators and other tourists like us.

That night was spent at home just chilling as we watched "What Women Want" on TV.

On Monday the 20th, Brett and I set out for our first ever hostel, located in Downtown Vancouver. The bustrip there was easy which helped the experience. After checking in and finding our room, Brett and I walked through Gastown, Chinatown and the rest of Downtown.

Gastown was a nice French Influenced set of streets home to the famous Steam Clock that whistles tunes every hour. However, the area is quite seady with homeless scattered around the streets. This did not compare to Chinatown however, where on one corner there were literally 30 or 40 homeless in their own little village. It was kinda scary walking straight through the middle it, standing out like a sore thumb!

However, in Chinatown we came across a beautiful Chinese Garden (I cant remember the name of it, but I have a photo that will tell me).

In the evening, Brett and I just walked around the Convention Centre and harbour rather bored before locking ourselves in our hostel room. It is sooo small anyone would think that it is a prison cell. But it does the job, although the matresses are pretty bad with springs poking you in the back everytime you move.

Today, Tuesday the 21st, Brett and I went across to West Vancouver and caught the bus up to Capilano River. This place was amazing, with enormous fur trees lining the banks of the river and the surrounding mountain sides. Here we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which crosses the Capilano River about 100 metres above the ground.

In the same park, there was also a Treetop Adventure walk, which made its way through the treetops. It was very impressive and many photos were taken.

Well thats what we have been doing in Vancouver up till now. Tomorrow we plan to catch the bus to Grouse Mountain which will give us a view over all of Vancouver. I cant wait!

Speak Soon,


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Our Last Days in Phoenix

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Hey Guys,

Well it is my last day here in Phoenix so before I leave I will give you an update on what Brett and I have been up to over the last 4 days.

In my last diary entry, I mentoined that Brett and I were going to make a trip up to the Grnad Canyon. However, minutes after posting that entry, Brett and I cancelled the plans after realizing just how much it was going to cost us. Although it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, it just wasnt worth it as it would probably have meant Brett and I having to cancel out legs of our trip later on in year:(. Anyhow, at least it gives us a good excuse to come back to Arizona!

On Monday afternoon, JP called in as he was on his way to Scottsdale and wondered if we were interested in coming along. Since we were no longer going to the Grand Canyon, we tagged along. We stopped in for lunch at this Mexican Restaurant. It didnt take us long to realize why JP had chosen this place...the waitresses were some of the most atrractive i've ever seen!:) JP took a photo of Brett and I with our waitress, Eva, and you can see that in Brett's Photo Gallery. JP also showed around the area, known for massive homes and panoramic golf courses. We also got up close to Camelback Mountain.

Day 9 of our trip, Tuesday, was a rather quite one. Brett and I both woke up early to say goodbye to Uncle Pete before he left for Washington for business. In the late morning, we went for a cruise in Uncle Pete's car towards Red Mountain and the Salt River again, to capture the fantastic scenery that we were unable to on Sunday because of the fact that I forgot my camera. It was a good morning out, apart from the outrageously hot conditions...it was about 43 degrees.

In the afternoon, Auntie Tasha took us shopping, as I needed to buy myself a new pair of boardies after my others tore on the tube ride on Sunday. That night was spent at home relaxing...something that seems very common in Phoenix...now thats my kind of lifestyle:).

On Wednesday, Brett and I decided to go tubing down Salt River again, only this time we completed the entire course...all 4 hours of it! This time on the river was much more relaxed than it was on Sunday however, because of the fact that there were no massive groups of drunk American's floating down some river! In fact, at some points, Brett and I were the only ones on certain stretches of Salt River:)

In the evening, we were meant to be going to a Beach Party with Margo, Mellisa and Corrie, but when they had to cancel due to bloody homework, Brett and I decided not to go as neither of us could be bothered paying for a taxi to get home...man we are stingee!! Instead we stayed at home watching the World Poker Tour on TV lol...

Thursday, Day 11 of our trip, was another relaxed day. In the morning a couple of Auntie Tasha's friends arrived from Washington to stay with her...she always seems to be entertaining! In the afternoon we all went out for lunch at the Salt River Lake Restaurant. It was nice apart from the heat...as usual in Phoenix! The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning and packing our clothes ready to leave for Vancouver in the morning.

In the evening, JP and Stella came around for dinner again, to meet Auntie Tasha's friends, Barbara and Jim. The night started with Auntie Tasha's own "Chocolate Martinis". Man they were potent with Vodka, Creme de Cacao and Cointreau making up the ingredients. By the end of the night everyone was rather drunk, especially JP, highlighted by his midnight dip in the pool with only his underwear covering him.

It was a fantastic last night in Phoenix and we must say a big thankyou to Auntie Tash, Uncle Pete, Cori and Uluru for letting Brett and I stay in their beautiful home. It was grately appreciated and we cant wait to come back:)

Anyway, better get going.

Speak Soon


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Days 3 and 4 in LA

Universal Studios and Santa Monica Mountains

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Last time we spoke I was in LA on the second night of my trip. I have just arrived in Phoenix, a 45 minute flight from LA, and have been greated with mid 30 degree heat!

For some reason I forgot to tell you guys about our 3rd and 4th days of the Trip. We were still in LA...so here goes.

On Wednesday, Day 3, Brett and I decided to have a day off and stay at home. We woke up at about 11 which was a well needed rest to overcome the jet lag! That afternoon we made a walk up the Canyon in which we were staying. After avoiding a few wildlife, including a snake, we arrived at the top of the Canyon to have a view of all LA! Above the Santa Monica Mountains, we could see Downtown, Santa Monica Beach and Beverly Hills...it was an amazing sight!

On Thursday, we made a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. It was an awesome day and a lucky one also. Lucky in that Brett and I seemed to manage to beat all of the ques.

At Universal, we went on the Jurrassic Park Ride, the Mummy ride, Back to the Future and also on the Universal Studios Tour. Each of these were good, but none compared to the Waterworld "Stunt" Show. This was most enjoyable, with fireworks, fire, and much water use adding to the spectacle.

That night, Duncan and Elizabeth took us to the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. The main course wasnt great, but as the name suggests, the cheesecakes were to die for!

We left LA on Friday, day 5 of our trip, and head to Phoenix.

Here are some photos of Universal Studios!

copy Jurra..os - LA.JPG
The Jurrassic Park Ride at Universal Studios

copy Unive.. 2 - LA.JPG
The Grinch Set at Universal Studios

copy Unive..e -  LA.JPG
The Universal Studios Globe

copy Ninga..gn - LA.JPG
My Travel Buddy, Ninga, at Universal Studios

copy Paul ..in - LA.JPG
Me at Universal Studios Fountain

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Phoenix - Far Out its Hot

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Day 8 -

We have been in Phoenix for 3 days now...and my god...it is so hot here!

Phoenix has been so relaxing, it is awesome. We arrived on Friday afternoon and spent the afternoon catching up with Uncle Pete and Auntie Tash, and little Cori. That evening, a couple of their friends came around for dinner, JP and Stella, and we spent the night listening to 80's music on the patio outside, having a few drinks. It was lots of fun, and JP is a very funny bloke.

On Saturday, Brett and I spent the day in Pete and Tash's inflatable pool, almost managing to flood the whole backyard. Saturday was very chilled out and in the evening JP and Stella came around again, only this night was not so roudy!

Yesterday, Sunday, was awesome. We woke up early and took about a 20 minute drive to Salt River. Here you can rent tubes and go tubing down the Salt River. When we arrived, the place looked like a massive party, with young American College students running a muck! Anyhow we decided to carry on, and made our way to the river. We jumped in our tubes, with the eski strapped to the side, and headed down the river. All you could see were groups of like 20 college students floating in their tubes, strapped to a central inflatable dingy. They had everything from radios, to beer, and more beer! The ride was still until we hit the rapids, when all hell broke loose! These massive groups become unstuck,, losing eskis, team members, beers and radios! It was so funny seeing people scrammble for their belongings only to see them float down the river!

Their was one very smart bloke though, who stood at the end of the rapids, collecting all the lost beer for himself! The bad thing about the whole day though was the amount of sunburn that we came home with...im red from my feat to my neck, but thank god; not my face!

When we came home, their was a girl babysitting Cori, named Margo. We began talking and she offered to take us out in the evening, so that we could experience more of America. She picked us up at about 8, with her friends Mellisa and Corrie, and took us an ice cream bar...the ice cream was sooooo good!

But the main reason she wanted to take us out was so that we could see a "Hooka Bar". This place looks sooooo illegal and i wish i had my camera to show you. They give you this massive thing, that looks like a bong, and you choose a flavoured tobocco to smoke out of it. Its good though cos its only the flavour that you taste. We decided to get Mint and it seriously seemed as if you were inhaling a piece of Extra! Margo, Mellisa and Corrie also gave us two passes to go to a Beach Party in Tempe, about 20 minutes from Pete and Tash'a on Wednesday night which seems like fun so hopefully we will be able to get there.

Anyway, i better go and get packed, cos today we are going to the Grand Canyon!

Speak soon,

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