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I have been slack again, so lots to write!


Hey All,

Well its been along time since I have added something to this so might take a while. It will be rather boring though as we havent really being doing much apart from work but anyway.

Saturday 30th July:

Today Auntie Carol drove down to Hunstanton to pick me up and take me across to Holt to go and see Grandy and Grandad. They inivited me to come around for the night as I was not working and they were hosting a neighbourhood party that they wanted me to help with. The afternoon was spent with all of Grandy and Grandads friends and so I was bombarded with questions about Australia, what I am doing here etc. etc. It was a good afternoon though. In the evening, I just watched TV with Grandad before heading off to bed.

Sunday 31st July:

Today, Grandy and Grandad drove me across to Auntie Carols house, before we headed out to lunch at a nice pub about 10 miles out of Norwich. Being sunday, it was Sunday Carvery so I had roast chicken which was nice. In the afternoon Auntie Carol drove me back to Hunstanton. In the evening I went down to the Wash and Tope with Brett. We hung out with Fiona and Emily, 2 girls that work with me, and they decided that we needed a haircut. So once the pub shut, they came back to ours and started hacking into our hair with the bluntest scissors you will ever see. Bretts hair came out alright, but mine on the other hand was all over the place. I could not believe that I let them cut it.

Monday 1st August:

I woke up and was in shock at just how bad my hair actually was. Due to the fact that I had to work in the afternoon I raced down to the barber to have it properly cut. I ended up just saying SHAVE IT all off, so I left as a skinhead!!!!!!

I headed off to work at 5 and no-one could believe that I had to shaved, but thankfully they all liked it so I was releaved! Anyway, I worked till about 11:30 before heading home to bed.

Tuesday 2nd August:

I had the day off and just chilled at home and had a few drinks at work.

Wednesday 3rd August:

Once again, I had the day off and just did some shopping, did a load of washing and played some pool at work. I felt way to domesticated!!!!!!!

Thursday 4th August:

Third day off in a row!!! Fortunately, the 2nd Ashes test started so I watched that in the pub and had a few drinks. In the evening I headed around to Auntie Kaths and was slammed by Matt about how good the English played during the day....for once!!!!!

Friday 5th August:

I worked in the afternoon from 11-5 before having a few drinks with Freddy and Alex, the 2 English blokes that we have made friends with. We headed down to the Cellar bar and before we knew it we were sitting on a beach with these few girls in front of a little bonfire that we made out of an empty beer carton. It was the most randon night and we ended up getting home at about 2.

Saturday 6th August:

I worked from 11-5 and I was told that the tills were down again! I seriously felt like killing Paul before walking out on them but decided not to as I need the money!!! In the evening I just chilled in front of the TV before having an early night.

Sunday 7th August:

I chilled at home in during the day before heading off to work at 5. When i got there, I poured a beer that came out flat so tried again. After about 7 flat pints Paul started cutting sick telling me that it was all my fault and that i was the worst barman ever!!!! then he tried pouring one and the same thing happened...i shoke my head at him and was sooo ssoooo close to walking out it wasnt funny. However, I put up with it for the night and Paul told me to come in early in the morning to clean all the glasses with some detergent in the hope that it would fix the flat beer problem.

Monday 8th August:

I came into work at 8 to begin cleaning every glass in the whole pub. After 3 hours of work they were all cleaned but still the beer was pouring flat!!! Someone from the brewery came out to have a look at it ended up being that one of the other barmen, or should i say barmaids, had changed the gas pressure for the pub, ruining every barrel that was connected up!!!! Once that was all fixed up...the beer was still pouring flat!!!! What had now happened was that the glass detergent thing had stuffed up the glasses so i spent the rest of the arvo handwashing every single glass...AGAIN!!!!!! Seriously..WORST DAY EVER!!!

Tuesday 9th August:

Today i worked from 10:45 till 5. It was alright apart from the fact that every dirty glass now had to be hand washed as the glasswasher was wrecked from that detergent!!! In the evening I chilled at home in front of the tv.

Wednesday 10th August:

Had the day off so just chilled.

Thursday 11th August:

Worked form 11-5. In the evening Brett and I cooked up a chicken stir-fry that actaully tasted alright!!!

Friday 12th August:

Worked from 9-1, then 7-midnight. During the day I watched some of the 3rd ashes test.

Saturday 13th August:

Worked from 11-5. In the evening I went out to the Cellar Bar for some drinks.

Well I have probably bored you out of your brains now but meehhh, atleast i will be able to remember what i was doing whilst I was away when i come home to OZ.


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