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Hey All,

Well I have finally found the time to get the internet and after not adding an entry on this site for like 20 days I thought that I probably should.

So here goes!!!!!


Tuesday 12th July:

I woke up with a hella bad cold. It sucked cos the weather was alright and i didnt have the energy to do anything :-(. Anyway, Sarah and Johnnie wanted me to help them paint their cubby house so Brett and I thought we would help as it would give us something to do. In the end the whole thing was a mess, especially considering the fact that we were using brushes the size of a toothbrush and that there was a 4 yr old trying to help. Anyway, Brett had to head off to work at 6 so I just chilled with the family for the night.

Wednesday 13th July:

I was still feeling pretty unwell but I went for a ride with Auntie Kath along the coast to go and fetch Matt from his sailing course. When we arrived, I could not believe how ugly the beaches here are...even though everyone here reacons that they are some of the best in England...sucks to be them! The rest of the afternoon I just spent at the house playing cricket with Matt in the backyard and also kayaking in the moat!

Thursday 14th July:

I got a phone call from the bloke at the Wash and Tope in the morning and they wanted me to come in for a trial shift in the evening. I spent the afternoon chilling at home with Matt before heading off for work at 5. I was only meant to be there for 2 hours but ended up working until 10.

Friday 15th July:

The Wash and Tope asked me to work for them so I accepted and was asked to work from 11 to 5. I arrived and I was pretty much left on my own to work stuff out alone...it was sooo gay and I had no idea how to do some things and was asking the customers to point things out etc. It was the worst day ever and I was unwell the whole day. The bosses are hell unfriendly and make you feel hell intimidated. Anyway, it is a job which means money so mehh. In the evening I came home and Uncle Richard had arrived from Hong Kong. It was his Birthday also so we went out for a meal at a pub nearby which was nice. I had the best pork rapped in bacon followed by creme brulle for dessert...so good!!!!

Saturday 16th July:

I chilled at the house in the morning before heading off to work in the afternoon at 3. As soon as I arrived i was accussed of stealing money...i told them to get stuffed and that i hadnt taken anything. Anyway, they just said that they would keep an eye on me. I worked until 6 and then had a 2 hour break before starting again at 8. It was hell quiet so i left at 9:30. I left in the worst mood though and felt like kicking my boss in the nuts cos he was being such a wa$n%er!!!!

Sunday 17th July:

Grandy and Grandad drove up from Holt to come around for lunch. It was soooo good to see them again considering the fact that i hadnt seen them for about 12 yrs!!!!! Auntie Carol also came around and we had a great afternoon, highlighted by Johnnie when he began skulling a glass of champagne. It was the funniest thing ever, and even funnier seeing him after!!!! I had to head off to work at 6. Work was alright as it was pretty busy but not soooo busy that it was stressful. I was accussed of stealing money again though and at this point i was ready to walk out on them but decided not to as i need the work. I ended up finishing at about 11:30 and meet up with Brett outside to begin the 40 minute walk back to A. Kath and U. Richards.

Monday 18th July:

I worked from 11 till 5 which was so boring i felt like shoting myself. But atleast today i wasnt accussed of stealing I was only yelled at for bringing my boss the phone!!!! They seriously have an anger problem!!!! In the evening I played backyard cricket with Matt and U. Richard and gave them a taste of what was going to happen in the Ashes...a ripe old thrashing from the Aussies!!!! We had a BBQ for dinner which reminded me of home...only minus all the mates:-(.

Tuesday 19th July:

I had the day off of work and just spent the day mucking around with the kids. I walked around Hunstanton trying to find some permanent accomodation as we cant stay with A.Kath and U.Richard the whole time that we are here. I had no luch though. In the evening I watched a DVD with Matt...forgot the name of it but it was pretty good.

Wednesday 20th July:

I went in to work at 9 to help Paul(my boss) clean the beer lines, but it ended up being a disaster...not on my part, but there was no pressure in the lines so it took 2 hours for us to do instead of 1!! I then had to work behind the bar from 11 till 5...so ended up working for 8 hours straight which sucked. In the evening I came home and played cricket with Matt.

Thursday 21st July:

I worked from 11 till 5 which was soo boring . In the evening we went out for dinner with the family to the Orange tree restaurant for dinner. I had the best steak burger and then chocolate brownie for dessert. Later in the night, A. Kath and U. Richard along with Ellie, Matt, Sarah and Johnnie headed for London to move furniture from their house in London up here to Hunstanton.

Friday 22nd July:

I worked from 11 till 5 again. The Ashes had begun so I made a bet with one of the locals that England wouldnt make Australia's first innings total. I ended up winning 5 pound off him. After work I just had a counter meal and then headed home and had an early night cos Brett was at work.

Saturday 23rd July:

Because the family was still in London I was able to sleep in for a while. I spent the morning and early arvo just chilling at the house before heading off to work at 3. I worked until 12 with a break at 6. It was pretty busy which was good.

Sunday 24th July:

I worked from 12 till 3. I came home and watched the Aussies on TV win the first Ashes test!!!! I rubbed it in to Matt and U. Richard so much along with the people at work! I went back to work at 7 and ended up finishing at 11:30.

Monday 25th July:

I worked from 11 till 5. It was another boring day and the clock seemed to move backwards! After work I meet up with Brett and took me to OUR own flat!!! Thats right, he managed to find us some accomodation. His boss owns a set of holiday flats and she has let us move into one while we are here. The place is awesome. It has everything...TV, lounge, beds(ofcourse), kitchen with all appliances and a bathroom. Only downer is that it doesnt have a shower only a bath...so that kinda sux but meehh. The family took us out for dinner to the White Horse again which was nice.

Tuesday 26th July:

I worked from 11 till 5 but felt so bad all afternoon. As soon as the clock ticked over to 5 i legged it home and collapsed in my bed.

Wednesday 27th to 29th July:

I woke up on Wednesday morning with the Gastro!!!!! I had to call work and tell them that i wasnt coming in...not that they believed me that I was sick!! I spent the next 3 days in bed or infront of the TV and didnt eat that whole time cos of how bad i felt. By thisafternoon i was feeling slightly better and headed around to A. Kath and U. Richards for another BBQ dinner before heading home for bed.

Anyway, Im glad that I have managed to give ya an update, all be it very boring just like Hunstanton is!!!

I will speak soon,


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